Etiket arşivi: Türk düşmanları

Friend or Foe Identification System (For Native Turkish People)


Greeks – Natural enemies
Armenians – Unnatural enemies
Communists – Unreasonable enemies
Fascists – we don’t know what fascist means, so they’re our enemies!
Kurds – enemies who live in our country
Slavic Nations – enemies because they’re slavic – except Bosnians cause they’re S3xxxii
Brits – enemies because they’re Brits
French People – our newest enemies
Americans – enemies because they’re capitalist
Russians – enemies because they’re communist.
Italians – enemies because Vatican is in Italy
Spanish People – enemies because they’re Christian
Jews – enemies because they’re Jew
English- Because of Leeds United
Arabs – enemies because they’re Muslim
Dominicans – enemies because we don’t know where their country is
Germans – enemies because of Hitler
Chinese People – enemies because of Mao
Brazilians – enemies because of Ronaldinho
Argentineans – enemies because of Maradona
Scandinavian Nations – enemies because their girls are more beautiful than ours
Japanese People – enemies because of Sony Corporation
Rest of the world – enemies because they’re not Turk! However we slightly like the Japanese.
Gay Males – enemies because they are not heterosexual males
Heterosexual Males – enemies because they’re competing with each other for girls!
Turkish Cypriots – enemies because they’re not Turkish enough!
Turks – We have a hatred for each other
The guy who wrote this article – enemy because he thinks everyone is our enemy!


Friends!? What friend are you talking about?
Turks don’t have any friends except the Turks! However sexy blond women are always welcome.